Pantry Pests or “Stored Product Pests” is the name given to a variety of beetles or moths that infest grain products.  Infestations of these insects are usually caused by bringing infested food into the home.  Although adults are often found, the larvae cause damage to the food.
The best method to eliminate these pests is to find what food they are in and throw it away.  Look through all packaged foods as they could be in more than one product.  Some examples where to look:  pasta, cake/bread mixes, rice, flour, spices, dried beans, cornmeal and more.
Once you have eliminated the infested food, clean the pantry shelves.
A good prevention is to keep these products in sealed containers and inspect food before using it.  The sealed containers will eliminate the spread of these pests should you bring home infested food products.
It is3mm long and reddish brown.  The head is bent down under the thorax; the antennae do not have a club.   The wing cover is smooth and covered with golden hairs.  Besides attacking tobacco, it infests spices, seeds, and dog food.  The life cycle takes 30  to 50 days.
It is 2.5 mm long and brown in color.  It has a three-segmented club on the antennae.  the wing covers have longitudinal lines.  It infests flour, cereal, spices, dog food, and many other products.  It has a life cycle of about 60 days.
It has a wingspread of about 19mm.  The wings are tan on the basal one third and coppery colored on the rest.  It spins webs on the infested product.  The life cycle can be completed in 60 days.
It is 2-3mm long and reddish brown.  The thorax has round pits, and the wing covers have four light spots.  It usually attacks whole corn but has been found in macaroni and spaghetti.  The life cycle can be completed in 30 days.
It is about 2.5mm long and is brown in color.   The body is flattened and the thorax has six sawtoothed projections on each side.   It is common in cereal products and macaroni.  Because of its size, it can enter packaging through tiny cracks and folds.  It cannot fly, and its life cycle takes about 30 days.