If you have problems with dogs or wild animals tipping over garbage cans and making the contents accessible to rodents, try bracing the can so that it can’t be tipped over, and keeping the lid on with a bungee cord or chain, or  putting a heavy object on top.
Clean out gutters so that rainwater doesn’t back up and overflow.  To find leaks, run a hose through the gutters, then make repairs as needed.  Be sure the downspouts are not clogged  water should run freely through them.
Now is the time to check your window and door screens to make sure they are functioning properly.  Make sure their frames fit snuggly, and repair or replace screens that are torn.  Repair small holes in screens by dabbing on rubber cement with a nail or toothpick.
Have you checked the weather stripping seals around your doors lately?  Not only can a loose seal mean a higher utility bill, but it also provides an easy entryway for pests.  Install new stripping if needed and readjust door sweeps that have worn.  Also check the bottom seal of your garage door.
The best prevention for weeds is a healthy turf.  Click here for more information.