American cockroaches are about 1 inch long as an adult.  They are reddish-brown with light markings behind the head.  This species is found outdoors as well as in all types of structures, including homes.  About 75% of their time is spent in tight places into which they can just squeeze.  They feed on most anything and damage property with their chewing and droppings.
Many people refer to this cockroach as “Palmetto Bug”.
German cockroaches are the most important species of cockroach in the United States.  It is about 1/2″ to 5/8″ long as an adult, and has two dark stripes behind the head.  They prefer to live in kitchens and bathrooms of homes and apartments, restaurants, supermarkets, and hospitals.
They feed on almost anything including all kinds of food, and such things as soap, glue, and toothpaste.  This species is known to carry many diseases and cause respiratory allergies.