This spider varies in color from light gray to light brown to black.  The abdomen has variable markings of black, white, red and yellow.  The underside of the abdomen has an orange or yellow hourglass.  It is found most often south of Daytona Beach along the coast.  It usually makes its web on buildings in well lighted areas.
The southern black widow is usually found outdoors in protected places, such as under rocks and boards and in and around old buildings.  The bite of the black widown and other widow spiders usually feels like a pin prick.  The initial pain disappears rapidly leaving local swelling and two tiny red marks.  Muscular cramps in the shoulder, thigh and back usually begin within 15 minutes to three hours.  In severe cases, pain spreads to the abdomen, the blood pressure rises, there is nausea, sweating and difficulty in breathing.  Death my result, depending on the victims’s physical condition, age and location of bite.   Death seldom occurs if a physician is consulted and treatment is prompt.
The brown recluse is recognized by the distinctive dark violin-shaped mark located on the head and thorax.  The brown recluse is a medium-sized spider about 1/4 to 1/2″ in length.  It is light tan to deep reddish brown.  Persons bitten by this spider usually do not feel pain for two to three hours.  A blister arises at the site of the bite followed by inflamation.  Eventually the tissue is killed, leaving a sunken sore.  Healing may take as long as six to eight weeks