Trivia – challenge yourself and friends with these!  Check back frequently for new questions.
How fast can a fly see something coming – like a fly swater – and change direction?
How long do adult fleas live?
What is a typical cost for a professional nit-picking company to rid a family infested with lice?
What do you get when you cross a praying mantis with a termite?
Besides birds, bats, and insects, what other animals fly?
Rats eat enough food to feed about how many people each year?
In the movie ANTZ, what scene was not included because it was considered too gruesome for a family movie?
Which has stronger venom, a honey bee or harvester ant?
When a cockroach sprints across the kitchen floor, how many of its legs is it running on?  
How does barbecue tarantula taste?
A fly can see an object coming and change direction in an astonishingly fast 30 milliseconds, which is why the extra speed of a plastic fly swatter caused by its ‘snap’ as it nears the fly, is much more effective than simply a hand hurtling towards it.
Adult fleas can live up to one year in captivity if they are allowed to feed regularly on blood.
In some cities there are professional nit-picking companies that will come to the homes of the rich and famous to de-louse the family. A typical cost for the service is about $900.00.
An insect that says grace before it eats your home.
200 million worldwide
Certain kinds of soldier ants spray acid at their enemies, but if the soldiers are outnumbered they squeeze themselves so they explode, scattering their acid guts on their enemies.
Harvester ants actually have a stronger venom than honey bees, paper wasps and yellow jackets.
Two.  It was always believed that cockroaches ran with all six of their legs, but slow motion photography has shown that at top speeds, roaches actually rear up on their two hind legs ; (their longest legs).
Like shrimp say the people of the Amazon Basin who have tried them.